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Alabama Tourism

Out of Home Activations

Photo Jun 15, 12 37 55 PM
Photo Jun 16, 11 13 14 AM
Photo Jun 15, 12 39 42 PM
Photo Jun 16, 9 48 16 AM
Photo Jun 15, 12 40 16 PM
Photo Jun 16, 11 31 18 AM

Sweet Home Alabama took over New York City streets for the second year with one-of-a-kind experiences. We kicked off activations with a celebration, right in the middle of Times Square. New Yorkers and tourists were thrown a Mardi Gras celebration on a custom-built float.


Our second event took place in Flatiron Pedestrian Plaza, where visitors were able to walk up to the top of an Alabama mountain, with the help of some virtual reality and a 20-foot-tall “mountain.”


The activations required 360 degrees of public relations. Components for the activations included social media posts, social media ads, Facebook Lives, media alerts and press releases




Total Social Media Reach: 23,825,546

Total Social Media Impressions: 33,563,410


See more in the videos below! 

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